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About Us and Mission Statement

About us | We Care

We have a real passion for water.  Dealing with DEL Ozone for 20 years, we know great water when we see it (smell it, touch it and feel it).  Listening to thousands of pool and spa owners tell their amazing stories of how crystal clear and easy to maintain their water was, and how their pool or spa equipment lasts years longer, we invite you to have the same great water you had when you first bought your pool or spa.

20 years in the Pool and Spa Industry means 20 years of networking with Pool and Spa Professionals.  There's a lot you can buy over the Internet, but sometimes we all need a good technician for on-the-ground help to get something installed or repaired.  If you need help, contact us:

  • Toll Free US 888.242.0111
  • Internationally 805.439.1898
  • Email help@loveyourhottub.com
  • Click for Live Help at the bottom right hand of your screen

www.LoveYourHotTub.com will use the industry network to find you an experienced Pool or Spa Technician.  We believe in taking care of our customers and promise to provide them with the best customer service on the planet, on the Internet and on the ground.

Mission Statement | Reduce Chemicals

Our mission is to give hot tub and pool owners the best water possible with the least amount of chemicals by utilizing ozone and other eco-friendly products while reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing unnecessary equipment and chemicals, giving the customer a positive experience all around.

It's all about the water.  Spas and pools have three main components:


When you have a pool or spa ozone system, pH becomes easy to balance, and covers and equipment last longer.  Ozone removes particulate matter from the pool and spa, leaving nothing by sparkling water behind.

REDUCE WASTE | Our Thoughts on Waste

When you buy chemicals, spa fragrances, or replace your pump, it gets manufactured somewhere.  Then, a salesperson sells it to a distributor who sells it to a retail store, who sells it to you.  You buy it, drive it home, and repeat the process. 

What if we told you 60-90% of all pool and spa waste could be prevented just by ensuring your pool or spa has an efficient and operable ozone generator?  That's not only good for the environment, it's great for your pocketbook.

We will do everything possible to make sure your experience with us is fabulous.  Always.



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