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April is the perfect time to bring awareness to the fact that pool and spa ozone generators needs love, too.  Ozone Awareness Month is wrapped around Earth Day which is every April 22nd.  It's no surprise that EarthDay.Org loves  pool and spa owners who use ozone because they dump their water a lot less often.  And when they do eventually drain and refill, the water they release into the environment is a lot less contaminated.  So, THANK YOU to all the ozone users out there.  You are doing a great job in protecting our precious water resources!

Every April for Ozone Awareness Month it is a great time to perform a Three-Point Ozone Inspection:

  1. OZONE INDICATOR LIGHT:  Is the light on?  Each ozone generator has an indicator light which verifies you have power to the ozonator, and are generating ozone.  If the light indicates you have no ozone, it is time to change the ozone component (can be a UV Bulb, CD Chip, CD Electrode, or the modern APG Ozone Module).
  2. OZONE CHECK VALVE:  Change your pool or spa ozone supply check valve annually!  This is the most basic thing you can do to ensure a long lifespan with your ozone system.  Humidity will cause check valves to still shut quicker than dry climates, so if you live with humidity, you absolutely need to replace your check valve annually!
  3. OZONE BUBBLES:  Ensure the point of injection (which is typically an Injector, but sometimes a spa jet line) is clean and clear of obstruction.  Calcium and other hard metals, sometimes small debris, can cause an injector to clog.  You want to see a fine stream of bubbles coming out into your hot tub, pool, or Mixing Degas Vessel if you have one.  If you don't have bubbles, you have a problem.  Check out this Helpful Article on how to clean an Injector.

Maintaining your ozone system extends the life of your pool or spa equipment including heaters, pumps and covers.  You invested a lot of money when you got your pool or spa.  Why not keep it around longer?  Now that's a smart investment!

MYTH BUSTER:  Often times, ozone is a "bad word" which causes concern when you mention it.  Imagine when Ozone Awareness Month was launched in 2015 - the horror!  In fact, the name was almost changed.  But, we don't work with fear around here so it was decided to GO WITH IT and teach people that ozone is not scary.  In fact, it's one of the most fascinating, necessary molecules in the world.  Nature makes ozone to clean things like SMOG.  But because SMOG is not natural or organic, ozone cannot clean it.  Ozone is the only ingredient in SMOG that can easily be measured so it gets a bad rap.  When you hear "Ozone Alert" it really means SMOG ALERT.  Ozone actually cleans water and air, so it's time we gave OZONE a GOOD RAP!

COOL FACT:  The water we have now is the same water the Earth started.  The water coming out of your tap is the same water dinosaurs drank (and urinated out) millions of years ago!

Happy Ozone Awareness Month!

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