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DEL Ozone Upgrades Eclipse and Total Eclipse Ozone Generators. What changed? What stayed the same?

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2014 DEL Ozone made some BIG changes to the industry's #1 Pool Ozone Systems, the Eclipse and Total Eclipse.  Let us help you get the right parts the first time.  Here is what has changed, and what has not in both models.

Eclipse Injector-Driven Pool Ozone Systems come in three sizes (small, medium and large based on gallons and run time).  

Here is what changed in the Eclipse Ozone Systems:

  1. Ozone Modules!  This is an exciting improvement to the ozone industry on many levels globally.  The new APG Ozone Modules create more ozone, live longer, resists failure caused by water back-flow better, handle humidity better, are lighter weight for less expensive shipping and environmental footprint than any UV Lamp or CD Electrode-style Ozone Generator can boast.  Please refer to manual for diagrams and more information.
  2. Part Numbers.  What were EC-1, EC-2 and EC-4 are now EC-10, EC-20 and EC-40
  3. The Look.  New cabinet, new label, new name...easy to tell which one you have.  GREAT FEATURE!

Here is what stayed the same in the Eclipse Ozone Systems:

  1. 7-0594 Green, Exterior Ozone Supply Tubing
  2. 7-1140-07 Ozone Supply Check Valve (see the 9-0770-01 Assembly here)

Total Eclipse 24-Hour Ozone Systems come in two sizes (25K and 50K Gallons).

Here is what changed in the Total Eclipse Ozone Systems:

  1. Ozone Supply Check Valve is no longer the expensive Teflon-Lined Tygon Tubing, (7-0403).  It is now the much less expensive "Spa Ozone Supply Check Valve," Part Number 7-1140-01
  2. Air Filter 7-0084 is no longer utilized.  Each APG Ozone Module (PN 9-0156-01) comes with an air filter, so no need to purchase one separately
  3. The new Total Eclipse Ozone Module Assemblies (9-1161-01 and 9-1160-01) are equipped with independent indicators built onto each APG Ozone Module.
  4. Indicator Lights on each APG Ozone Module!  Although the antiquated Red and Green Indicator Lights stay the same (see below, #2), once you open the lid you can finally tell which electrode(s) need servicing.  Thank you DEL!

Here is what stayed the same on the Total Eclipse Ozone Systems:

  1. The case, lid, cabinet, whatever you want to call it LOOK THE SAME.  Already hard to identify the size, now it's hard to tell if the ozone generator is OLD or NEW STYLE without removing the lid, or examining the manufacturing date (anything after July 2014 has NEW APG Technology)
  2. The Red and Green Indicator lights that show on the outside of the Total Eclipse have not changed.  Red still indicates NO FLOW (note: will initially be red, then as water floods unit, red light turns off).  Green still means that you have power to the unit. Neither indicator light tells you if the ozone cells are producing ozone, though.  The NEW STYLE APG Ozone Modules have indicators on each ozone module (which is an awesome feature compared to old style!)

RESOURCE CENTER | Download the following here:
Eclipse Old Style Manual
Total Eclipse Old Style Manual
Total Eclipse New Style Manual