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We didn't come up with the name of our business, you did.  

Meet some of our happy customers who love their pool or spa:

"Friendly, responsive, helpful - this doesn't begin to describe the pleasure of doing business with Love Your Hot Tub (LYHT). Once in a great while I encounter someone who is so strikingly pleasant and helpful that I have to speak to their supervisor to give them a compliment. Jen at LYHT is like that, but since she's also the owner there's no supervisor to speak to... Crazy good service (although not knowing that ahead of time it was their good prices that brought me to their site)."

– Ken, California

"It has been fantastic dealing with such a knowledgeable and friendly company. Product, service, delivery to NZ and price is awesome. Thank you."

– Chris D., New Zealand

"Glad I found this company.  Great parts and upgrades with excellent customer service. I received my part as promised. My spa is back to humming again."

– Sun City Soaker

"I am using less chemicals and the tub isn't chemically smelling. Love your hot tub folks were helpful and the website is easy to navigate."

– John

"I am delighted to have found your website and am quite happy with your prompt service.  My ozonator is back up and running; I am quite happy with the purchase."

– JD

"The water just feels much nicer to soak in also and easy to keep balanced. Combined with Ozone my chemical additions/levels are now at a minimum. GREAT RESULTS, Thank you Love Your Hot Tub."

– Chris

"Sent correct part ordered and in a timely manner! Customer service was outstanding!"

– Tracy

"Love your energy, spirit and commitment to having happy customers - Take care."

– Kate, Proud Customer

"What a great company! I had ordered some parts from LoveYourHotTub, had trouble getting the part numbers but when I did it was super easy to find the parts on their site. I had tried calling, but they were swamped and in the middle of a trade show. We finally got to talk to one another and they are very knowledgeable about the pools and everything that goes along with them. They are also extremely helpful, she helped me update my order and work to get me a great deal and all the parts I needed that I missed in my order.  Thanks for all your time and hard work!"

– John R., North Carolina