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On The Job Site With Jen #2: How to Replace a Spa Ozone Generator Featuring DEL Ozone’s Spa Eclipse NEXT GENERATION

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View and/or download these instructions WITH PICTURES at the end of this article.

Time to replace your spa's Ozone Generator?  Most of the time, replacing a Spa Ozone Generator is easy.  Here we show you an installation we did on a California Cooperage Coleman Spa.

STEP 1:  Get a buddy if you can.  It really helps to have an extra pair of hands.

STEP 2:  VERY IMPORTANT - turn the power to the spa off.  We are not responsible if you electrocute yourself.

STEP 3:  Open up the skirt of the spa.  You need to expose the equipment pack and locate the Spa Ozone Generator along with its Ozone Supply Tubing, Ozone Check Valve(s) and point of injection (either an Injector or a return line where ozone gets returned and sucked in through a jet located at the bottom of the hot tub).

STEP 4:  Unplug the Spa Ozone Generator from the spa pack.  In our case, the plug was underneath the spa pack so we could simply unplug it without opening the electrical panel of the spa pack.  In most cases, however, you need to open the panel and find the label for "OZONE."  If you do not see a plug, but rather notice the unit was hard wired by an electrician, STOP and call a certified electrician to wire up your new Ozonator.

STEP 5:  Detach the Spa Ozone Supply Tubing and old Ozone Check Valve.  Again, the Tubing will either be attached to an Injector (Mazzei Injector is preferred) or the Ozone Tubing will go into another piece of tubing or a return line.

STEP 6:  Find a place to install your new Spa Ozone Generator, preferably as HIGH AS POSSIBLE.  In our case, due to foaming, we had to install it pretty low.  The reason this is not good is if water were to back up, it would more easily flood the Ozonator.  To help with all installations, it is important to run the Ozone Tubing UP as high as you can, then back DOWN into the point of injection.  See important NOTE below.

NOTE:  The Hartford Loop has been recommended forever, until now.  Ozone Supply Tubing is more environmentally-friendly now, so it will eventually break down in the landfill.  Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that assists in breaking Ozone Tubing down.  If there is enough ozone and humidity present, yellow goo may form a puddle that eventually gets big enough to cause the Ozone Supply Check Valve to clog and fail.  This forces ozone backwards into the Ozonator, which will also fail.  SOLUTION:  No more Hartford Loops (looptie loops).  Simply install the Ozone Supply Tubing UP and DOWN in two straight lines.  Any yellow goo (Nitric Acid) will get sucked into the water and out into the filter.

STEP 7:  Install the Ozone Check Valve (in Sundance Spas 2008-2011 two low-flow Ozone Check Valves were used, so make sure you get the right Check Valves).  Ensure that the flow arrow on the Check Valve points AWAY from the Ozonator and TOWARDS the hot tub.

STEP 8:  Plug the new Spa Ozonator into the spa pack.  Take one last look at your installation to make sure everything is connected, then turn on the power to the spa.  Viola!

Now that your new Spa Ozone Generator is installed, make sure the Spa Ozonator light is ON and you see a fine mist of bubbles entering your hot tub.  Some hot tubs (like Coleman Spa and Sundance Spas) will turn Ozonator on after 20 minutes.  If your Spa Ozonator does not light up right way, wait 20 minutes and look again.  The lights are hard to see in the daylight, so check the indicator light when it's dark out, or cover it up with a blanket to create darkness.  If after 20 minutes there is no ozone light, you may have a faulty unit and need to call your dealer for help with warranty (or call 888.242.0111 if you are a customer of www.LoveYourHotTub.com).

Within the first 24-hours of a new Ozonator being installed, your spa water may get cloudy as ozone clumps particulate matter ("dust") in the spa water until it is big enough to get filtered out.  Do not shock at this time!  (Note:  shock BEFORE you install your Ozone, typically after a drain a refill).  If the spa water remains cloudy after 48 hours, there may be something wrong with the Ozone installation (Check Valve in the right way?  Is the Injector clogged with calcium or iron?).

You will know the Spa Ozone Generator is "working" if you hot tub water is crystal clear and easy to balance.  Give ozone a few days to clean the water initially, then spa water chemistry is a breeze!  An operable Ozone Generator relieves pH fluctuation, adds life to spa covers, and is much easier on the spa pump and heater then harsh chemicals traditionally used in hot tubs.  Simply put, if you have a DEL Ozone Generator in YOUR spa, you will Love Your Hot Tub (hint: that's where we got our name.

Download "How to Replace a Spa Ozone Generator Featuring DEL Ozone's Spa Eclipse NEXT GENERATION" article with pictures here.

Love YOUR hot tub?  If not, get a new DEL Spa Ozone Generator today and get back into water you love!