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SpaCap: Why is it superior compared to hard spa covers?

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SpaCap: Simply better than hard hot tub and spa covers:

  1. SpaCap last years longer.  Compared to the hard cover's typical 2-3 year lifespan, expect at least 5 years out of a SpaCap. Many customers enjoy 8, 10, 14, some up to 20 years!  Weather, chemical misuse, SpaCap landing zone are all factors that age a SpaCap

  2. SpaCaps create a lot less landfill.  The SpaCap ships in a small box (16" x 16" x 16") which reduces landfill, potential damage during shipping, and allows us to ship anywhere in the world with ease

  3. SpaCap handles wind better.  SpaCap amazingly stays on in wind storms...up to 70 mph!

  4. SpaCap handles snow better.  SpaCap can handle snow better than any rigid foam-filled spa cover. 30 years in production and not one [known] SpaCap crushed by a snow load

  5. SpaCap is as light as a feather [comforter] to lift.  The SpaCap was designed by a woman wanting to use her spa more, but was bound by the labor-intensive hard cover removal process. The SpaCap is engineered to be as easy to use as the feather comforter on your bed

  6. SpaCap is made with air, not foam.  Since the SpaCap does not use foam, rather it uses air-filled Sunbrella Fabric pillows, there is nothing to saturate, causing premature aging. SpaCaps literally last years longer than hard covers

The only "problem" with the SpaCap is that it's been manufactured for 30 years and we just discovered it!  Spending little on advertising and a sales force, the SpaCap price remains close to cost while providing you a spa cover that lasts almost as long as your hot tub for.  Lucky for SpaCap, we love promoting environmentally-conscious products, and the SpaCap is one of the coolest products we've seen so far.  From our landfill to yours, thank you for choosing SpaCap!