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Spa Water Clarifiers & Defoamer

Even the cleanest spas get cloudy sometimes.  Using an ozone generator keeps water sparkling and clear, but after a party or lots of soaking it's a great idea to speed the clarifying process with a little help with SeaKlear® Spa Natural Clarifier™

If oil is a problem in your spa, creating scum lines that are hard to clean, use SeaKlear® Spa Enzyme Klear™ which is a natural enzyme product for use in heavily used spas and hot tubs where oil is a problem. Works very well with SeaKlear® Spa Natural Clarifier™.

But, for even more protection, use...

SeaKlear® Spa PRS™ enhances filtration by trapping algae, E.coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia in the spa filter. It also enhances the spa filter’s ability to remove particles down to half a micron.

Got foam?  Not anymore!  Try SeaKlear® Spa Self-Floccing Defoamer™ for best results.

Get rid of funky water, and join the party!