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DEL Ozone Spa Eclipse NEXT GENERATION Spa Ozonator (Universal Voltage) - AMP PLUG

  • Spa Eclipse NEXT GENERATION with AMP Plug only has TWO WIRES. This modern technology does not need to be grounded, so there is no grounding wire (typically green), just black and white
1.60 LBS

Product Description

SEPTEMBER 2021:  DEL Ozone Spa Eclipse have officially been replaced with a new and improved model!  Check out the NEW Spa Ozone Unit here.

DEL Ozone's Spa Eclipse Next Generation is a Spa Ozone Generator made with the sophisticated Advanced Plasma Gap (APG) Technology.  The Spa Eclipse significantly reduces chemicals and helps calm pH fluctuation.  With balanced water comes longer-living pumps, heaters, pillows and covers.  Now THAT is a smart investment!

Spa Eclipse NEXT GENERATION Dual Voltage Spa Ozone Generator Specifications: 

  • Electrical Specification:  110V/250V, 50/60Hz
  • Electrical Consumption: 10 Watts
  • Unit Weight:  1.45 lbs (shipping weight 1.60 lbs)
  • 4.9"W x 3.4"H x 2.3"D
  • Ozone Output: 50-70 mg/hr (based on air flow)
  • Water Back Flow Resistant
  • Consistent Ozone Output (unlike UV and CD Chip Ozone)
  • Ozone LED Indicator Light
  • Utilizes Ozone Resistant Materials
  • Reduced Nitric Acid By-Product (which becomes yellow, sticky goo in the tubing)
  • Kills 99.99% of microorganisms found in spa water with no toxic by-product)

The Spa Eclipse Next Generation does not have a Renewable ozone module, but change the Check Valve (7-1140-01 or 7-4012) and Spa Ozone Tubing annually to ensure the longest lifespan on your Spa Eclipse Next Generation.  With proper care, expect this reliable spa ozonator to sanitize your spa for 3-5 years (depending on humidity and run-time).

The Spa Eclipse Next Generation Dual Voltage Spa Ozone Generator includes:

  • 9-1056-01 APG Ozone Module (NOT replaceable in Spa Eclipse Generation)
  • 7-1140-01 Ozone Supply Check Valve OR
  • 7-4012 Ozone Supply Check Valve for Sundance Spas.  If you have a Sundance Spa and need two light-resistance check valves, choose Sundance 7-4012 Option above
  • (5') 7-0075 Ozone Supply Tubing
  • 9-0858-01 Inlet Filter Assembly
  • (4) 2-0078 Hose Clamps (for replacements, we offer 7-0021)
  • Installation and Operations Manual

Why use ozone in spas?  Ozone is the most safe, yet powerful, spa sanitizers, oxidizers and purifiers all wrapped up into one affordable unit!  Ozone is 200 times more powerful than chlorine at killing viruses and bacteria.  Aiding in the filtration process, ozone clears up cloudy spa water and reduces the need for spa shock and other spa chemicals such as clarifier, metal control, pH aids, enzymes, bromine and chlorine.  So, the better question is, "Why NOT use ozone in spas?"

RESOURCE CENTER | Download the following here:
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Spa Eclipse Next Generation Manual
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Warranty Information

1 year factory warranty based on purchase date (not manufacturing date). For all warranty inquiries, DEL will take care of you directly. Contact: warrantysupport@delozone.com to receive a Return Goods Authorization number and instructions on how to send your DEL ozonator in for repair.

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