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GET TO KNOW YOUR FLOW! How to size the right Mazzei Injector for your hot tub or spa

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Properly sizing a Mazzei Injector on your hot tub ensures you are maximizing ozone’s ability to properly dissolve in the water.  Once ozone goes from a gaseous to aqueous state, it kills 99.99% of ALL viruses and bacteria in your water.  It also breaks down all the body oils and natural organic material you so kindly left behind.  Ozone does a lot of things, but this article is not about ozone.  It is about how to inject ozone into the water.

Below are the Mazzei Injectors most commonly used in hot tubs.  Sometimes it is necessary to try several different injectors to get to the best choice for your hot tub.

The lower the Mazzei Injector Number (#584), the better it works with low-flow pumps.  The higher the number (#984), the higher the flow rate it can accommodate.

There is good and bad news that comes with sizing injectors on spas.  The bad news: most hot tub owners have no clue what their hot tub flow rate is.  The good news: most hot tubs utilize the most common Mazzei Injector, the white #884K which later became #88K (DEL Ozone PN 9-0472 which is transitioning to 7-1474-01).

Do you already have an injector?  If so, what brand is it?  There are some injectors that do not adequately dissolve the ozone, which leads to big ozone bubbles of ozone.  Anything that the ozone bubble pops on will be adversely affected by ozone’s ability to oxidize.  Covers often get bleached where the ozone stream is, sometimes pillows can be bleached out.  The only good thing about ozone off gas is that the ozone kills algae, bacteria, etc. from forming in the gap between water and cover.

If you already have an injector, but it is not Mazzei, ensure your bubbles have a flume of tiny champange-like bubbles.  If not, replace it as soon as possible.  The 9-0472 Mazzei Injector #88K is a great replacement.

Bubbles are an ozone lover’s best friend.  As you become aware of what ozone bubbles are suppose to look like, you can fine-tune your ozone system until the bubbles are fine.  To give you a visual, they should like champagne, 7-UP, or Alka-Seltzer.  If your bubbles are the size of a pearl, fine-tuning needs to occur.  Putting two check valves in line, one after the other, may be all you need to perfect the bubbles.  If that still doesn't work, you may need to swap injectors.

If you have no ozone bubbles visible (bubbles will come out the one jet line they are tied into), you either have no flow or you could also have a failed check valve or clogged injector.  Remove the check valve and if the bubbles start up again, you know it’s time to change your check valve.

If you have no bubbles, but use to, and it’s not the check valve, the injector could be clogged with calcium or iron.  Read this article on how to clean a spa injector.

If you have bubbles that are as large a golf ball, your spa has flow issues.  Bubbles are collecting in the lines, at each corner, and they collect and get bigger and bigger until they pop out as golf-sized bubbles.  Depending on which injector you have, you may need to get an injector that works better in low-flow situations (see injector options at the top).  Sometimes putting a Mazzzei LGM in line between injector and spa wall does the trick.

There are some spa manufacturer who have done a great job sizing a Mazzei Injector just right for their spa.  Some we know of are:

  • Hot Springs Highlife Grandee, Envoy, Aria, Vanguard, Sovereign, Prodigy, and Jetsetter work best with #584 BLACK Mazzei Injector is best (DEL Ozone PN 7-4025)
  • Hot Springs Hot Spot Tempo, Rhythm, Relay, SX, and TX work best with #684 RED Mazzei Injector (DEL Ozone PN 7-0356)
  • Hot Springs Solana works best with #684 RED Mazzei Injector (DEL Ozone PN 7-0356)
  • Hot Spring Limelight Gleam, Pulse, Flair and Glow use a low-flow pump, so #584 BLACK Mazzei Injector is best (DEL Ozone PN 7-4025)
  • Hot Spring Sumatra uses a low-flow pump, so #584 BLACK Mazzei Injector is best (DEL Ozone PN 7-4025)
  • Hot Spring’s Tiger River uses a low-flow pump, so #584 BLACK Mazzei Injector is best (DEL Ozone PN 7-4025)
  • Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi Hot Tubs use #884K / #88K WHITE Mazzei Injector (DEL Ozone PN 9-0472)

If you need help sizing the right injector for your spa, or need to fine tune the system you currently have, contact us at 888.242.0111 or help@loveyourhottub.com.  Thank you!