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Autistic People Benefit from Ozonated Pool and Spa Water

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My customer, Bob, told me their pool builder recommended a DEL Ozone system for his 38-year old Autistic son, Ryon, who LOVES to swim and swim and swim! Swimming brings calmness and peace to Ryon, as well as his family.  Music and walking rank second and third to swimming in Ryon's ozonated pool.

A DEL Ozone system was installed to to give their son an overall healthier swimming experience by reducing toxic levels of chemicals and eliminating bad chloramines (the by-product of chlorine).

What Bob didn't expect was how crystal clear his water would be. BONUS!  Bob shared that his son was born in 1976 when Autism was barely a thing. To learn more on Autism and how to give your Autistic family member quality of life, visit the Autism Society website here.

Thank you to Bob, Ryon, and ALL the wonderful customers who share their helpful stories with the world. Swimming is relatively new to the America. The first pool built in the US is the Deep Eddy Pool in Austin, TX, built in the 1920's. But not until Hollywood made pools glamorous after WW II did pools go mainstream. Unlike Europe who fully embraces ozone, the US still resides in the 1950's when it comes to water sanitation. Until now!