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Crystal Clear Pool Water With Advanced Oxidaton Process (AOP)

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Chances are you have never seen a pool as crystal clear as a pool sanitized with Advanced Oxygen Process (AOP). AOP has been evolving for decades (back to 1980s). Primarily used for wastewater treatment, AOP can break down more in the water than either Ozone or UV-C separately. Put together, and the result (AOP) is currently the most powerful sanitation for pools and spas on the market today.

When a woman called asking her for guidance to determine whether or not her little daughter could get in the pool in 30 minutes to take a swim lesson, my background in law told me to be very cautious. She thought there was something wrong with her pool water (her actual pool water is pictures above). In trying to describe something she had never witnessed before, words like, "oily sheen" and "slick" came out. But what she was actually seeing was the most crystal clear water she had ever seen in her life!  Thanks to her AOP50.

The reason her pool was so sparkly was because AOP not only kills everything in your pool (99.99%), it completely obliterates the particles that build-up in normal pools.  After killing and blowing everything up (bacteria, viruses, metals and organics), it cleans up after itself. In scientific terms, it micro-flocculates the particulate matter.

Imagine everything in your pool water...keeps flowing through your filter. Your filter isn't good enough to catch it, and you just get use to it. Often times, you can SEE the water flowing over the light lenses. You can see the dust.

When AOP comes along, it gets the job done fast and efficiently.  First it sanitizes; then it purifies; lastly, it micro-flocculates the water. All within the first 24 -48 hours. What comes after this initial period is crystal clear water that is easy to balance.  It will leave your guests wondering what your secret ingredient is. Ironically, you are not adding anything; you are only subtracting. And when you have nothing left in your water, the ability for light to refract is present. The result: water that sparkles like a diamond.