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Smelly Hot Tub Water

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"Pass the cheese" is not something you want to hear, or smell, in a hot tub.  If your hot tub is cloudy and smelly, there's a good chance your spa ozone generator expired.

Spas with ozone use fewer chemicals.  But when ozone dies around the three year mark, water chemistry goes haywire.  pH becomes a nightmare and you find yourself running to the local spa store for more and more chemicals.  Spa ownership is now un-fun.

Smelly hot tub water is an indicator bacteria is present.  Ozone kills 99.99% of all known viruses and bacteria, and leaves only oxygen behind.  It is natural, powerful, and clean.  Ozone is not a stand-alone sanitizer.  It breaks so fast, there is none left behind (there is no residual).  Visit our blog post Recipe for Perfect Spa Water if you need guidance on a spa water regime that works well.

The main reason ozone generators fail is because ozone check valve sticks shut, giving ozone nowhere to go but backwards, and the result is a failed ozone generator.  Changing the spa ozone check valve is the single-most important part of spa ozone maintenance It is affordable, relatively easy and keeps your ozone generator flowing freely for years.

Not many hot tub owners realize they need to change the check valve annually.  They bought the hot tub, waited until the 5-year warranty ran out, then waited for a problem to arise.  Customers who keep their ozone generators maintained often keep their hot tubs living for 20 years.  Now THAT is a smart investment!

Keep your spa ozone generator running smoothy.  We're here to help!