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Is it Possible to Have a Chlorine-Free Pool?

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With a lot of money and determination, you can have a chlorine free pool.  But in this article you will learn why it's not the chlorine you want out of your pool water, but chlorine's by-product, the chloramine.  We will guide you how to go as chlorine-free as possible without risking swimmers' health.

Chloramines are interesting.  They give swimmers the impression that the water has chlorine because of their smell.  People think when they can "smell chlorine," the water must be sanitized.  They are not smelling chlorine, and the heavier the smell, the less likely the water is to be sanitized.  Confusing, and dangerous.

Chloramines burn your eyes, cause itchy skin, and fade your swim suit.  Sound familiar?  Chloramines cause swimmers' asthma and long-term respiratory issues such as "lifeguard lung."  The list goes on.

"If you can smell it, don't get in it."  The smell of "chlorine" is the presence of chloramines which are harmful to humans, fish and animals (which is why zoos and aquariums adopt ozone for sanitation).  The chlorine smell is a sign the water chemistry is off and the sanitizer level is low.  This is the worst time to get in the water.

What is the solution?  Ozone.  Small word; powerful result.  Ozone is natural, biodegradable, organic...and fast.  Ozone is 3,000X faster than chlorine at killing 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria, including E.coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia. 

In addition to being a powerful sanitizer, ozone also breaks down oils and aids in the filtration process to remove unnecessary metals and minerals.  Top that with the fact that ozone eliminates chloramines, your pool is ready for action!  Ozone leaves your water...water. 

Ozone is so strong and efficient there is none left by the time it hits the pool.  Ozone has done its job in the pool return lines in seconds, reverting back to its original state of oxygen.  There is no ozone in the pool, which is why you need a backup residual sanitizer. 

Ozone and Chlorine make a perfect pair.  Together, Ozone and Chlorine are a great two-layer sanitation system for swimming pool water.  Ozone does all the hard work.  Chlorine demand goes down to .5-1PPM (typical chlorine pools operate with 3-5 PPM chlorine).  Not only can you keep a smaller residual, it takes a lot less chlorine to do so.  Chlorine just simply isn't being used up as fast.  

The best pools have ozone and chlorine.  For crystal clear water with a lot less chemicals: CHOOSE OZONE.