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"Yellow Goo" in Your Spa Ozone Tubing? What is it, and What Can You Do About It?

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"Yellow Goo" in your Spa Ozone Tubing is a collection of Nitric Acid.  Nitric Acid is formed when Nitrogen in the air mixes with moisture in the air.

Yellow Goo is not new!  But the one thing that did change for the better of the environment is the fact that a few years ago the tubing in the United States joined the European standard and so now tubing biodegrades!

This is great for environmentalists, but does require added awareness that hot tub owners (or their Qualified Technicians) replace Spa Ozone Tubing as frequently as they change their Spa Ozone Check Valve, which is once a year (18 at the latest).

We here at Love Your Hot Tub think it's best to remove the traditional Hartford Loop (looptie loop) in the Spa Ozone Tubing  and simply make the ozone tubing go up and back down to the point of injection.  This way, there is no place for the Yellow Goo to puddle up and cause a blockage in the Tubing.  When ozone is blocked from flowing forward, it flows backwards into the Ozone Generator and will eat itself alive!

So, again, replace your Tubing and Check Valves every year, up to every 18 months if your climate is mild and not humid (ie, Spa Ozone Generators live longer in places like California, Washington, Oregon, Utah, and they live shorter lives if you live in Texas, Louisiana or Florida).