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Got Cloudy Pool Water? Here's Why, and How to Clear it Up.

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Cloudy pool water is a drag.  Here we give you the information and tools to get your swimming pool water sparkling clear again so the only job you have to do is enjoy your backyard oasis.

Why does pool water get cloudy?  Because there's too much stuff in it is the simple answer.  Like dust on the floor, pool "dust" builds up until it becomes visible to the eye.  If your pool filter is old or dirty, this is a factor because dirt will keep recirculating throughout your swimming pool water.  The more pool dust you have, the cloudier the pool water will look

How most people clear up cloudy pool water:  Shock it (which means you can't swim in your pool for a day or two), clean the filter, increase filtration time (costing money), add clarifier, and wait...and wait. 

How WE clear up cloudy pool water:  With OZONE! Ozone is a gas that gets dissolved into your pool or spa water via an injector.  Ozone does many things, but here we are focused on how ozone clears up cloudy pool water.

How Ozone provides clarity in pool water:  Once ozone is dissolved in pool water (with an injector), it finds tiny particles made up of metals, minerals and other pool dust then clumps them together so the filter can grab it and remove it from the pool water.  For you scientists, the process is called micro-flocculation.  

Once the dust and particles are physically removed from the pool, the water sparkles like a diamond.  Toss a quarter to the bottom of the pool and be amazed at how clearly you can see it.  Turn your lights on at night and enjoy the clarity.

During the micro-flocculation (removal) process, however, your pool water will look terrible  The more particulate matter you have, the more hazy the water will begin to look in the first 24-48 hours.  But, this is GOOD NEWS - it is the visual sign showing you that ozone is doing its job, and those clumps are about to get filtered out.  Many people want to shock at this time, but DO NOT SHOCK YOUR POOL during this process or the process will have to start all over.

As you can clearly see (pun intended), using an ozone generator reduces the need for pool shock.  It also greatly reduces the need for chlorine, metal control, and clarifier, saving you money in chemicals every year. 

Install a an ozone system this season.  Enjoy spending less money and time fussing with pool water chemistry.