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Ozone is a Drought-Tolerant Solution for Pools and Hot Tubs

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Ozone has many benefits for pool and hot tub owners and users.  But one of the benefits people are not yet aware of is that ozone is a friend to those living in areas that are dealing with drought situations like we are in California.

You see, ozone is a powerful micro-flocculant.  This means after ozone kills viruses, bacteria, and whatever else is lurking in the water, it clumps it all back together BIGGER than it was before, allowing the filter(s) to finally remove it.  Basically, ozone coagulates particulate matter to improve filtration.  The result is crystal clear water.

When there is nothing in the pool or spa water but H2O, it is easy to balance.  And when water is easy to balance it also smells good, looks good, feels good and shows no sign of degradation and the need to dump it goes down.

How long can one go without dumping their pool or spa water when they have an operable (key word!) ozone generator?

WITHOUT OZONE the careful answer would every 3-4 months for a hot tub or a spa.  For swimming pools, the school of thought is after 5-7 years the water is so contaminated with calcium, skin, and harsh chemicals it is unable to be treated and, therefore, gets donated to the Water Treatment Plant.  Basically, when the water is severely damaged, you dump it.

WITH OZONE many hot tub customers go 6-12 months before dumping.  Around the one year mark customers get scared there must be something in the water, so they dump it.  We have a pool builder in Colorado who put an Eclipse 1 Ozone Generator on his in-ground spa and his water was PERFECT.  But after a year, even he felt like it was too good to be true, so he dumped it.  Good news is that his water was not contaminated like a standard hot tub would be.  You can feel good dumping your water knowing that the water you put back in the environment is healthy.  Heck, it might even be healthier than the water you filled your pool or spa up with!

We often have customers tell us "My spa is 20 years old, I replace the ozone generator and check valve regularly, and I never put chemicals in!"  They say it is the ozone.  And I believe them!

We had a pool customer in Florida who had an Original Eclipse Pool Ozone Generator on his in-ground pool and did not change the water for 15 years.  But, a hurricane eventually took down the structure over the pool and the roof fell in causing the need to drain and refill.  Who knows how long he could have gone, but we know it lasted 15 years.

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