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How Does Ozone Get Into Hot tub and Swimming Pool Water? It's All About the Injector

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Using ozone to reduce the amount of chemicals is a proven technology that spa designers and pool builders offer to give their customers a more enjoyable experience, and have for over 40 years.  Ozone greatly reduces the amount of chemicals such as chlorine and bromine that is needed to keep the water safe and clean.

To do its job effectively, ozone needs to be transferred into the pool or spa water.  Once in the water, ozone kills 99.99% of all known viruses and bacteria including E.coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia.  Ozone also breaks down body oils and helps remove metals and minerals.  Ozone leaves water...water.  Now the need for chlorine or bromine goes down significantly, 60-90%.  In fact, the need for ALL chemicals goes down including shock, metal control and clarifier.

How injectors work:  First, an ozone generator takes basic oxygen (O2) from the air and turn it into ozone (O3), which is a gas.  Second, using an injector to create a Venturi action, intense, forceful mixing creates an environment where gas turns into liquid.  Inside the injector is where ozone is transferred into the water where it belongs.  In other words, ozone goes from dry to wet, or gaseous to aqueous. 

Hot tub and Spa Injectors:  Most hot tubs and spas use a Mazzei Injector which is connected to your hot tub or spa equipment.  When the spa ozone generator is on, ozone is automatically introduced into the water where it can start sanitizing.  Some spas operate ozone 24 hours a day, and some turn ozone on and off in cycles.

Because of Mazzei Injector's unique design, it eliminates harmful ozone off-gas known to decrease the life of spa covers and pillows.

Some hot tubs come with a cheap, knock-off injector or don't have an injector at all.  Instead, they inject ozone through a spa jet.  To get the gas into the water where it is effective, a Mazzei Injector is the only way. 

Below are signs ozone is not getting into the water properly.  If they apply to you, install a Mazzei Injector:

  1. When you lift the cover, you smell lots of ozone
  2. The ozone bubbles are bigger than a pearl
  3. The spa water looks and smells bad

Swimming Pool Injectors:  Swimming pools (both in-ground and above-ground) utilize an injector bypass (aka injector manifold) which gets installed after all other pool equipment.  Here, ozone is automatically introduced to pool water.  Ozone runs when your pump runs so they may run 4 to 24 hours a day depending on your system.  The longer it runs, the safer and cleaner your pool water is.

  • Important:  do NOT put ozone into the suction side of your pump.  It is dangerous and doesn't work.  Ozone is off-gassed into the filter, bleaching it clean so you think it's working.  This method is very ineffective at getting ozone in the water.  To reap the benefits of ozone, including crystal clear water with a reduction in pool chemicals, install an injector bypass.