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Spa Water Chemistry is Easier With an Ozonator

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Hot Tub and spa owners have a hard time balancing water chemistry when there is simply too much in the water, and pH begins to fluctuate.  Contamination includes humans by-products, chemicals, chemical by-products, calcium, iron and manganese, to name a few.

When spa water gets out of whack, what do most spa owners do?  Dump it.  Now that water is contaminating the environment.

By installing a Spa Ozonator you get water that is healthier and lives much longer than your average spa water.  Eventually most people finally dump your water out of fear that somethings GOT to be wrong (even though all the signs tell you nothing IS wrong)

What ozone does in spa and hot tub water:

  1. Ozone removes particulate matter.  This is the single most important job ozone does to help balance water.  Ozone micro-flocculates (clumps) tiny bits of metals, minerals and other contaminants.  Imagine going from silt to oatmeal.  During this 24-48 hour period, water typically looks cloudy.  DO NOT SHOCK!  The process with start all over again.  But, DO clean your filter(s) until the water is crystal clear (no longer than 48-hours).
    1. Ozone works well with others.  Chlorine, bromine, non-chlorine shock, spa mineral purifiers, ionizers, salt generators, UV Sterilizers, you name it.  The jury is out on whether it works well with Baquacil products.
  2. Ozone kills 99.9999999% of all viruses and bacteria.  Ozone allows you to bring your chemicals to the lowest possible point without losing power needed to kill viruses and bacteria.  After ozone does its job killing viruses and bacteria, it removes the carcasses using the powerful micro-flocculation process described above.
  3. Ozone reduces chlorine residual down to .5 PPM.  Better news:  ozone breaks down chloramines which are the eye-burning, swim suit-destroying, skin irritants!  With ozone and .5 PPM of chlorine, the experience is odorless and amazing.  Please make sure your water test strips read low levels of chlorine so you are not forced into using the typical 3-5 PPM.
  4. Ozone reduces bromine residual to 1 PPM.  Careful not to over-brominate when paired with ozone; it's easy to do.  Make sure your bromine test strips can read low-levels of bromine so you are not forced into using the typical 3-5 PPM.  In high doses, ozone and bromine will eat each other up so you use more bromine, hot tub looks and smells bad, and you wonder, "what happened?"  REDUCE your bromine to 1 PPM.
  5. Ozone breaks down oils.  What's left for chlorine or bromine to do?  Not much.  Be a good little back-up.  Again, with ozone all you need is .5 PPM of chlorine or 1 PPM of bromine; no more.

Ozone sanitizes, oxidizes, and purifies.  The only by-product of ozone is pure, life-giving oxygen.  It is simply the most natural, organic and powerful product you can use in your hot tub or spa to ensure water that is safe, healthy and easy to balance.