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9-0722-01 Mazzei Mixing Package with Injector #984K (Green) for Hot Tubs

  • 9-0722-01 Mazzei Injector #984K Kit includes Mazzei's LGM but NOT the Reducer Nozzle (black piece shown here)
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Product Description

Spas stay clean and safe with a Mazzei Injector and a DEL Spa Ozonator.  And using a Mazzei Injector eliminates harmful ozone off-gas known to decrease the life of spa covers and pillows.

For ultimate mass transfer of ozone into hot tub and spa water, choose a Mazzei Mixing Package.

9-0722-01 Mazzei Mixing Package includes:

The Mazzei LGM takes any ozone that doesn't get properly dissolved the first time through the injector and gives it a second chance to remix.  The Mazzei Reducer Nozzle is installed at the spa jet in the last step to get more ozone into the water. 

How does ozone get IN the spa water?  Most hot tubs and spas use a Mazzei Injector which is connected to your spa equipment.  When the ozone generator is operating, ozone is automatically introduced into the water where it can kill the viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold, mildew, spores and help clump and filter metals.  

See how the Mazzei Mixing Kit is installed on page 21 of DEL Ozone's Aftermarket Spa Technical Training Guide.

Using an integrated system with intelligent design, the MAZZEI system components work together to optimize performance by raising the ozone concentration while lowering the gas-to-liquid ratio.

Key Features of MAZZEI Technology:

  • Ozone Concentration – Concentration and solubility are directly proportional so that higher ozone concentrations promote the transfer of more ozone into solution.
  • Gas-to-Liquid Ratio – A lower gas to liquid ratio (Vg/Vl) allows for greater ozone mass transfer efficiency.
  • Water Pressure – Higher pressure yields increases in ozone solubility.
  • Water Temperature – Higher temperature reduces solubility, but increases the chemical reaction rate.
  • Mixing – Intense, forceful mixing allows for the rapid renewal of the gas-liquid interface, increasing the mass transfer rate and the reaction rate.
Some spas do not have an ozone injector; ozone is injected through a jet.  Bubbles should be fine and tiny.  If they are not, your system may need fine-tuning.
Here are signs ozone is not getting into the water properly:
1) Ozone odor is strong when you lift the cover
2) Spa water looks, smells and feels bad
3) Ozone bubbles are too big.  Bubbles should be like champagne bubbles
If you feel your spa ozone system could use improving by installing a Mazzei Injector, let us guide you.  Email us at: help@loveyourhottub.com.  If your spa ozone goes through the spa jets and installing an injector is not an option, you may be able to install a Mazzei LGM.

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