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DEL Ozone AOP S (Sidestream) Inground Swimming Pool Ozone and UV Generator (Parts Bag Included) - for Pools to 25,000 Gallons (formerly AOP 25)

  • DEL Ozone AOP S  is an In-ground Swimming Pool Ozone and UV Generator (Parts Bag Included) - for Pools to 25,000 Gallons (previously known as AOP 25 and also Solar Eclipse 50)
  • DEL Ozone AOP 25 was previously known as Solar Eclipse 50 (shown here)
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Product Description


The first compact AOP design from DEL now with a new name: the original AOP 25 is now the AOP-S. This unit is designed for side-stream installation and utilizes our smallest unit with an external injector system to save space. 

This innovative Advanced Sanitation System creates a synergy (see What is AOP? below) so pool water is more effectively disinfected than with Ozone, Germicidal UV, or Chlorine when used alone.

AOP 25 Specifications:

  • For pools up to 25,000 gallons
  • Flow Rate:  Maximum 20 GPM
  • UV-C Lamp:  Low Pressure/High Output UV-C Germicidal
  • Ozone Cells:  APG Cells; 5 Year Life Expectancy
  • Wall Mount Only
  • Inlet and Outlet 3/4" PVC Socket
  • Rated for Indoor and Outdoor Installation
  • Electrical:  110/240VAC 50/60 HZ, 1Ø, 0.3 Amps
  • Unit size:  16.7" H × 11.9" W × 3.2" D | Shipping size: 22" x 13.5" x 10.75"
  • Unit weight:  9.2 lbs | Shipping weight: 14 lbs
  • CSA/NEMA 3 Metal Enclosure
  • Listings:  UL, cUL, NSF
  • Current part number is SEC-50-01
  • PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS SOLAR ECLIPSE 50 (name changed in 2017 and again in 2020)

AOP 25 General Information:

  • Utilizes one 9-1100-01 Germicidal UV Lamp (13,000 Hour Life Expectancy; approx. 18 months)
  • Utilities two 9-1056-01 APG Ozone Modules (5-Year life expectancy)
  • Warranty - 18 months on Germicidal UV Lamp and 2 year warranty on everything else
  • In cases where AOP 25 is installed above water level, and an anti-siphon check valve is needed (see manual; link below), the DEL Ozone DELCHECK CO-0101 works best
  • If you have an an In-Floor Cleaning System, the Mixing Degas Vessel MDV-10-08 is suggested.  It will capture the bubbles which can cause problems with the In-Floor Cleaning System.  Ideally, the system should be installed on a separate return line, away from the In-Floor system.  If no other option is available, the In-Floor lines can be used.
What is AOP?
Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) refers to a variety of chemical treatments that sanitize and disinfect water by oxidizing organic and inorganic contaminants upon contact.  The concept is similar to the use of ozone for disinfection, but AOPs go beyond standard treatment methods because they produce hydroxyl free radicals
(●OH).  AOPs are created inside the AOP 25/Solar Eclipse where ozone and UV collide.
Hydroxyl free radicals have a higher oxidation potential than any other substance, with the exception of elemental flourine.  In AOP systems, the highly unstable hydroxyl free radicals react with dissolved waterborne contaminants in a series of strong oxidation reactions.  This process happens almost instantaneously, killing 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria and leaving nothing behind but pure, oxygenated water.
AOP systems are synergistic in the sense that they multiply the power of the precursor oxidants (like ozone) to yield more disinfection potential than the sum of the two inputs taken separately (i.e. the sum is great than two parts).
Health Departments around the US are adopting these technologies for use in Commercial Pools (if your local pool doesn't use ozone and UV, request it).
For a comprehensive paper on what the DEL AOP 25/Solar Eclipse is and how Ozone and Germicidal UV work together, download the White Paper below.

RESOURCE CENTER | Download the following here:
AOP S Ozone + UV Generator Brochure
AOP 25 (Solar Eclipse 50) Ozone + UV Generator Installation and Operations Manual
AOP Ozone + UV Generator White Paper

Warranty Information

18 months on UV Lamp; and 2 year factory warranty on everything else based on purchase date (not manufacturing date). For all warranty inquiries, DEL will take care of you directly. Contact: warrantysupport@delozone.com to receive a Return Goods Authorization number and instructions on how to send your DEL Solar Eclipse in for repair.

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Product Reviews

  1. Clean pool with almost no chlorine! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Sep 2023

    I have a 40,000 gallon inground pool. I got tired of pouring chemicals into the pool all the time. I ordered two units because the smaller units are rated for 25,000 gallons each. I ran one for about a month and it helped but it didn't do the trick. I added the second one and the change was dramatic. I guess I could have ordered the larger unit, but this was more fun.
    Now I have a clean, clear pool with no algae chemical additions and with just a little chlorine I have 0.5 ppm chlorine residual.

    -Bob - Your message brings me so much joy! THAT is what it's all about. The moment when you realize ozone water is different than regular water. I'm excited for you to peel back ALL the ways ozone makes your water better. The list is quit long!

    ENJOY your amazing, healthy, sparkly, water! Jen, Proud Owner

  2. Delozon AOP S 1 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Aug 2022

    If you have a delozon AOP S. It is not possible to replace an AGP Ozone module. You have to buy a new device.

  3. Great Service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Feb 2018

    Love your hot tub was able to expedite the shipping of this product which has performed as expected so far