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MDV XL Install Parts Bag (PN MDV-100) for DEL Ozone AOP 50 Swimming Pool Ozone + UV-C Generator

  • MDV XL (PN MDV-100) Mixing Degas Vessel
  • MDV XL (PN MDV-100) Mixing Degas Vessel Contents
  • MDV Critical Dimensions
56.00 LBS

Product Description

The MDV XL is an optional parts bag for the DEL Ozone AOP 50 Ozone + UV-C Generator for In-ground Swimming Pools.  In December 2017 the Mixing Degas Vessel MDV-100 was renamed MDV XL.  This new XL name helps differentiate it from the MDV-10-08 for smaller pools.  

The MDV XL eliminates visible ozone bubbles in swimming pools.  When water flow from the pool plumbing enters the MDV XL, the ozone bubbles float up and accumulate at the top.  The pool water is pushed out of the bottom of the MDV XL and re-mixed with the main body of water.  The separated ozone bubbles passes through a float valve and are sent through a carbon destruct.  The carbon destruct neutralizes (kills) ozone before safely venting off into the atmosphere.

The MDV XL allows for a higher concentration of ozone to be used on pools and spas.  It prevents ozone bubbles from returning to the pool, eliminating bubble noise and visibility.  Click on Installation and Operations Manual link below for full details.


  • Is an optional parts kit for DEL Ozone AOP 50 (previously Solar Eclipse)
  • Gets more ozone into the water (higher ozone dissolution)
  • Eliminates unused ozone (in the form of bubbles) from returning to the pool
  • Eliminates the potential of ozone reacting with pool components such as covers, fittings, or surfaces
  • Prevents bubbles from gathering under the cover or inside the plumbing
  • Utilizes a Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) Carbon Destruct Cartridge to destroy ozone off-gas.  Replace Carbon Destruct (9-0620) annually

 Examples of MDV XL installations include:

  • Vinyl Pools
  • Indoor Pools
  • In-Ground Spas
  • Water Features
  • Reflection Pools
  • Pools with an Automatic Cover
  • Water Containing Fish or Wildlife
  • Plumb the MDV XL at least 4' downstream from the AOP 50 to allow for proper sanitation
  • The MDV XL inlet and outlet fittings are 2" FNPT; use the correct fittings to plumb into the circulation loop
  • The Exhaust Tube will release small amounts of condensation and carbon under normal operation.  AVOID STAINS: route the Exhaust Tube to divert the condensation to a suitable location (planter bed, for example)
  • If the Exhaust Tube (which comes off 9-0620 Carbon Destruct) develops a slow drip, Valve Assembly (Brass fitting off the top of MDV-100) may need service
  • The weight of the actual MDV XL is only 28 lbs.  However, due to over-sized box dimensions of 41"x 15"x 15", the shipping weight is 56 lbs
RESOURCE CENTER | Download the following here:
MDV XL (PN MDV-100) Installation and Operations Manual

Warranty Information

1 year factory warranty based on purchase date (not manufacturing date). For all warranty inquiries, DEL will take care of you directly. Contact: warrantysupport@delozone.com to receive a Return Goods Authorization number and instructions on how to send your MDV in for repair.

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